Parent Participation

An important aspect contributing to the success of our school is parental involvement. Below is a list of duties, expectations, and guidelines to help you better serve in your role. Some items on the list are specific to the task you have selected and others are general guidelines for all parent participation tasks. Often times, duties may change as you are engaging in the different activities. To this end, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with our administration regarding the list below. You may send an email to, RE: Parent Participation.


The parent participation commitment is a minimum of 10 hours per month, 2 hours of which are mandatory playground monitoring (lunch/recess). If you cannot participate in the two hours of lunch duty a month a $180 fee will be assessed so that we can hire someone in your place, as having enough monitors is essential in keeping the students safe. We take into consideration your availability and any possible requests for placement. We prayerfully consider every assignment making an effort to match your strengths to our school’s needs. One of the reasons why we can continue to offer small classes and quality education is because we work together as a community. Everyone’s assistance is essential in many more tasks than what appears on the list provided by the administration. As a general rule, parents will not be assigned TA duties in their student’s class, however, depending upon the parent’s teaching ability and TA needs of the class, this may be a possibility. Class observations are limited to parents/guardians needing to learn how to teach a subject on the At Home days (this is most common in Shurley Grammar) and will need prior approval from the Principal.


These tasks are typically year-long commitments, unless otherwise indicated. If for any reason you need to be absent, it is your responsibility to call the Office Manager and let her know. You should also make sure you have someone to fill in for you or give us enough time to find a replacement. If you cannot find a replacement for the day of your absence and if the school cannot find a replacement for you, a fee of $10 per hour will be accessed and reflected on your tuition invoice. The Adelphia community values and relies on each family’s monthly participation. If circumstances prohibit you from fulfilling your participation requirement, you will need to hire a replacement.


In general, you should not discuss any personal evaluations, opinions, or concerns about other students’ ability or behavior with anyone other than the lead teacher and the principal. If you have any concerns or suggestions about teachers or students or anything pertaining to our school operations, please discuss with the Vice Principal and/or the Assistant Vice Principal. You may also contact our Office Manager, Rebecca Benner. We should all take great measures in protecting the privacy of our students on and off our campus, as well as maintaining a positive spirit throughout our communications with each other.


Building community and ensuring quality educational experiences at Adelphia is a shared responsibility of all involved. We have created several committees to give all parents an opportunity to serve at our school and apply talents and skills for the benefit of our students. Serving on a committee counts towards your parent participation hours, however most committee duties do not fulfill the 10 hours a month of required parent participation. Therefore, parents will still have a TA, Monitor and/or Team (Set up, Tear down, Cleaning, etc) on-campus assignment as well. All committees are assigned a lead by the Vice Principal. The committee lead is in charge of scheduling monthly meetings and overseeing the coordination of the committee. All leads will be reporting to the Vice Principal once a month with updates on meetings, such as minutes and general action items and/or plans. 


The school holds meetings for the parents throughout the year. Six of these are mandatory, and attendance will be taken at each meeting. There is a $30 Fee for missing any mandatory meeting unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by the principal or vice principal. There are 3 mandatory all grade parent meetings in August, January and May. There is also separate mandatory upper and lower grade meeting at the beginning of the school year in September. Also, each semester you are required to attend one other meeting. There is a choice of dates to choose from.