Adelphia Graduation Requirements

An ACCA student will need a minimum of 240 credits to graduate. Of those credits, 200 are required course units and 50 are enrichment course units offered by ACCA.  Students must maintain a minimum 60 ACCA units per year, not including extra-curricular (or after hours) classes taken at ACCA. Course units must be taken at Adelphia or approved by Adelphia to be considered for the fulfillment of the 240 credits to graduate (or having been taken at another school before transferring). Students who have transferred to ACCA from another high school will have their transcripts evaluated on an individual basis. Student must be enrolled in Adelphia full time Senior year in order to receive a diploma from Adelphia and participate in our graduation ceremony. The following sequence of high school courses is required for graduation.

Bible – Four Years required (20 credits)

Enrichment – Ten semesters required (50 credits)
                    Home Ec/Health, Debate, Yearbook Publishing, Study Skills/SAT Prep, Foreign Language (other), Science (other), Math (other), Creative
                    Writing, Photography, etc

English - Four years required (40 credits)

Foreign Language - Two years required (20 credits)

History / Social Science - three years required (20 credits)
                    Geography, World History, US History, Government & Economics

Mathematics - Two years required** (20 credits)
                    Algebra I, Geometry

Physical Education – Four semesters required (20 credits)

Science - Two years required (20 credits)
                    Physical Science, Biology

Visual & Performing Arts – Four semesters required (20 credits)