Dress Code

Grades 1-6 are required to wear school uniforms: red or blue school T-shirt, white, blue, tan, pink polo shirt and black, blue, khaki pants or skirts (with bike shorts worn underneath). Jeans are also okay.

Grade 7-12: Adelphia respects the individuality of our youth. We have thus set general guidelines to help our youth present themselves in a modest way that doesn’t restrict their comfort or sense of fashion. Clothing should be clean, neat, modest in style, and not draw undue attention. Excessively baggy, tight, low-cut tops or pants, or clingy clothes, exposed midriff, exposed cleavage, short shorts, short skirts, exposed undergarments are all unacceptable. T-shirts should be without logos if possible. Students may wear Jeans, shorts and skirts. No hats, beanies, or head scarves.