Our Student Body

Our student body consists of grades Kindergarten through grade 12.  We offer a 3-day program (2-day for kinder) with structured instruction on our on-campus days and teaching plans and support for instruction at home the rest of the school week.  

High School & Graduation

We offer core classes required for high-school graduation, and creative and fun electives. We offer a full high school track with graduation as well as single classes for those involved in other programs.


Learning in a Fun Environment

We promote creativity in instruction by infusing class time with hands-on, collaborative activities that help students explore new knowledge in practical ways.

Creatively Designed Classrooms

Each classroom has been individually decorated: a city, a Lego room, a surf hang out, camping spot, and a park.  We also are privileged to have use of the church's youth room, fellowship hall and kitchen.

Our Campus

Our campus is on the grounds of Bridge Community Church in Orange.  There is a grassy area for sports, a playground for the younger students as well as a place to play basketball, soccer or volleyball.

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Coffee and Conversations first Monday of every month (except Nov it will be Nov 12)!   8:30 am in the Fellowship Hall.  If you'd like to come and meet some of the parents of the school, this is a great time to do so!

If you would like more information about our school and/or to come in for a tour, contact the office at (714) 677-2594 or use our Contact Us form (tab above) to
schedule a time. 


Who We Are

  • We are Christ-centered

    The core mission of Adelphia is to provide a Christian classical education that supports the development and enrichment of the mind and spirit, preparing students to make an impact for Christ in their communities and the world. We believe encouraging and training parents how to be more effectively involved in their child’s learning.

  • We are homeschool-minded

    We strive to keep the balance between home life/family time and academics. We feel strongly about the family unit and doing things as a family together and want to do everything we can to promote that in your homeschooling endeavor. We do not believe in homework for the sake of busywork. We desire the students to learn and structure our class time and assignments with the goal of maintaining that balance.

  • We encourage creativity

    We believe creativity is a precious gift given to each and every one of us from our Lord. We promote creativity in instruction by infusing class time with hands-on, collaborative activities that help students explore new knowledge in practical ways. We promote creativity by offering art, drama, music, and dance classes. We encourage creative expression by organizing musical and theatrical events where all our students have a chance to participate.

  • We build community

    It is part of our mission to help equip families to better teach and reach their own children for Christ. A strong education is important, but we also want to support and encourage discipleship. For this reason Adelphia organizes regular “training and sharing” sessions for parents. These sessions help train and encourage parents for the work they are going to complete at home with their own children. It also provides a platform for families to share ideas and methods that have worked for them.

  • We offer flexibility

    We understand that all families' needs are not the same, but we are all headed towards the same goal of successfully educating students.  Therefore, we offer 3 different enrollment options to best meet your particular need.  We offer full-time enrollment for grades K - 12, where we keep the all students records, CUM files and issue transcripts and diplomas as the students are listed on our private school affidavit.  We also offer full-time enrichment classes for grades K - 12 as well as enrichment single subject classes for high school to support core and extra-curricular subject areas covered at home.  For more information on these options, please visit Admissions page HERE.